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Wood Furniture

The Matrix

This design is so clean and fresh; it is not over designed and radiates an air of quiet sophistication that requires appreciation. 
The architecture and decor are permitted to envelop the units along the back wall which have been embroidered with a delicate but mathematically precise matrix.  The similarity of colour used here fuses all of the design disciplines together allowing the contrasting island to stand out as a significant feature.
The island looks natural, man-made, as though it has been crafted by hands who appreciate traditional woodworking techniques.  But the lines here show that this island has been spawned from a mind with contemporary vision and an appreciation of the purity of simple forms.
The Mogul approves.

Sanitised Butchery 2

Stainless steel always looks efficient and clinical, the type of finish you go with if you are going to work your kitchen hard.  There is no space for wimpy wood veneers here as this kitchen exists to make things happen!However, an interesting side effect of stainless steel is that it is extremely beautiful.  The reflective qualities allow light to be catapulted in every direction making the material interesting and attractive.
The freestanding legs used on this island gives the impression that NASA had drawn the blueprints for the concept.  If NASA were designing a lunar module they wouldn’t use wenge veneer or high gloss, foil wrapped panels!  Back to the drawing board boys!!

Bohemian Kitchen Design

So you fancy yourself as a kitchen designer, an empathetic translator of human functional need!  Or maybe you would like to be considered an artist, a visual and sensory interpreter of the human soul.  Or should you just reject main stream capitalist society, embrace Mother Earth and become an eco warrior?!
Recycling old cabinetry or using waste packaging such as wooden crates may allow you do solve this professional descriptive dilemma!

Terminator Kitchen

This concept combines the warmth of wood and the strength of steel by using artisan techniques to entomb brushed pine veneer in liquefied metal.
The aesthetics are impressive with the shimmering finish exposing the beauty of nature, lusting after light with the onlooker being beckoned to experience a truly unique tactile sensation.

Floater Hob!

This image is great and illustrates some of the most common trends within kitchen design at the moment.  Asymmetrical positioning of appliances, varying worktop depths, contrasting wood grained doors against a monochrome backdrop, streamline tall units that are conducive to architectural integration and a free floating island bridge that has been fitted with a stylish cooking zone!
The Mogul loves how all of the physical connections to the hobs have been concealed within the worktop…This is made possible by mitre jointing finer pieces of the chosen material and creating a void within a deeper work surface, this sounds easy but it takes real planning to get it right!  This is a growing and more dominant feature for 2011!

In this example though The Mogul would have placed the ovens behind the hob area as this would have created a more concentrated cooking zone without impacting the aesthetics.

Wood Chaos!

A wooden kitchen can sometimes come with a certain amount of design protocol, particularly if the design is contemporary!  Clean simple lines and slab door profiles can expose clients to a complex world of functional art where the kitchen itself becomes the pinnacle of social and fashionable desire. 
Wooden furniture evokes a hidden primeval instinct that makes us want to get tactile with the timber; there is a quiet reassurance in touching the warmth of wood than soothes the human spirit.  Up until recently it was thought that the crisp linear lines of contemporary kitchen design required a consistent wood grain pattern so that the viewer’s eye would not become confused, and in better economic times investing in a book-matched veneer to achieve the look would not be unreasonable. 
However, lately The Mogul has noticed an increasing about of wood grain chaos appearing in the best contemporary kitchen designs.  It appears that the contradiction between the rules of contemporary kitchen design and natural wood should now be cherished!  Book-matching is out and the appreciation of the inconsistency of wood grain is in! 
It could be argued that this design trend is a by-product of economic tightening, but whatever the reason The Mogul loves a little wood chaos!

Ribeye Kitchen

Having a designer kitchen is all about having the best, something that is well considered and effective in creating a symbolic reflection of what you like and what you aspire to be.  This design certainly ticks all the boxes in terms of impact and wow factor giving the owner the pleasure of showcasing their individuality. 
The use of a black wood veneer with a super strong grain pattern framed with polished white lacquer and carrara marble means that any onlooker will take a second glance.  This is a designer kitchen and could have you salivating with expectation as the grain pattern used on the black doors reminds The Mogul of a piece of raw ribeye steak which is just about to be tossed onto the griddle.
But is the grain pattern too rarely powerful and inconsistent to encourage those vegetarians in the audience to reawaken their primeval carnivore instincts?  It might be!!

Battle of Isengard Kitchen

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and sometimes real beauty can only be uncovered by looking beneath the surface.  Contemporary kitchens have been criticised for being cold and heartless but this little gem balances the scale, making us reflect on how the world was before high gloss lacquer and standard doors sizes!
To those in the audience who believe that creating a bespoke kitchen involves introducing an off size wine rack into the design; please pay attention!  This is a truly bespoke kitchen.   The Mogul totally understands that this design will not appeal to the masses; in-fact The Mogul can almost hear the horrified gasps as your retina focuses on the screen!  But this is a kitchen that has been pondered over, a beloved creation that was inspired by the architectural structure into which it would be placed long before the teeth of any saw blade touched the drying sap of the alder wood! 
Look at the detailing on the doors and appreciate the precision and thought that has created the corner base unit in this kitchen.  Custom shaped doors  meeting at an opposing angle…difficult to get right!
The Mogul thinks that this is a great display of bespoke cabinet making but does feel that the design lacks contrast and is very overpowering.  The amount of wood used here is likely to encourage an uprising amongst trees reminiscent of scenes from the battle of Isengard, from the Lord of the Rings trilogy!

Tricky Brief?!

Is this the ultimate fusion of architecture and kitchen?   Or does this intimate connection illustrate the dramatic suppression of kitchen design by the powers of architecture?  Neither!  This is just a really tricky brief!

Raspberry Ripple

This is an imposing kitchen, a dominant example of stylish functionalism that has the ability to cause gasps of social envy and cause the surrounding architecture to pale into insignificance in its presence.  The island dominates the space and the trendy timber bridge element sinks into the heavy set worktop as though it is a heated wafer and the island where raspberry ripple ice cream!
The design ticks a lot of boxes offering sociability and visual gratification in equal measure but The Mogul must question several elements of the design.  The bridging element, although a marvel of technical achievement having concealed the services to the hobs within what appears to be a piece of solid wood, does divide the kitchen in two! 
This imposing border effectively makes half of the kitchen inaccessible to the kitchen user.  There is a great deal of this kitchen, most of the foreground in-fact that is dedicated to servicing non-cooking activities.   Could it be argued that this design should be more functionally sympathetic and that there has been a luxurious promotion of aesthetical ideology here?  You decide!