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Cool Contemporary Elegance

There is some very cool contemporary elegance on display here.  A kitchen that just oozes superior style and that has avoided being clearly categorised! 
The designers have resisted the urge to create a clear boundary between the kitchen and the open plan living space by not including an island.  Placing a long island in the foreground with the tall units, appliances and shelving behind, would have created a more condensed and potentially more efficient working environment; but as it sits the island becomes a peninsula and the working environment is extremely open!  This open access feel presents a different approach, diluting the appearance of the kitchen and allowing the open plan space to gel.  Traditional room definition has been removed, being replaced with a free flowing, social environment; in many ways achieving this can be seen as the Holy Grail of contemporary kitchen design! 
However the Mogul would question several design features.  Firstly the housing provided for the fridge…has this been left bigger to provide the user with universal options?  Secondly, why have the ovens been placed so far away from the cooking zone (hob)?  Is it to accommodate the perfect aesthetic placement of the candelabra?  And lastly….How do you reach the top shelf?!  Stand on the worktop?