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When is the Time to Replace Your Old Bathtub?

Screenshot_5If you have spent a lot for your bathtub at home, you definitely want to use it over a long period of time. However, there are instances in which replacement is inevitable. You just need to know when to do it since replacement might be a more economical choice after all.

Constant repair

When your bathtub needs constant repair, then it has to go. There is no problem if you have it repaired just once a year or every two years. However, if the problem seems to persist every month or two, then something is wrong. It would not be economical if you kept on repairing it and spending more money. When you have it replaced, you will spend a lot less. It might be another expensive investment, but you have to think long term. Besides, you can use this new tub over a longer period of time. Hence, it will still be worth the cost.


When you first bought your tub, you might have thought of using it alone. If you now have a partner or your family with you, then the tub must grow bigger. You can’t fit in a small circular tub anymore. You might have to go for a much bigger tub. If you want a tub for you and your partner, then a double-ended bathtub might work for you.

Bathroom expansion

Traditionally, the most common type of tub is an alcove tub. This is the type that is mounted on the surface of the wall. However, if there is a need for you to renovate the bathroom or to extend it, then you might have to knock down the wall. Instead of using another alcove tub, you can go for a freestanding tub instead. Otherwise, if you don’t have to buy a new one and you wish to renovate your bathroom, you just have to move the old tub around.

Redecorating the bathroom

If you want your bathroom to look better, then you should try and make everything uniform. For instance, if you want a certain bathroom colour theme, then everything has to match or coordinate. If you want the colour to be uniform, make sure all accessories and other items complement the main colour. If this will affect the bathtub, then it will have to go. Besides, if you have been using it for a long time, then you won’t regret the decision.

Feeling positive

The idea of buying a new tub might freak you out. It means another expense. You might recall the amount that you spent buying your old tub. The only way for you to ensure that everything goes right this time is to look for the right brand. If you stick with items like the Carron status bath you will never go wrong; this option is proven to be of good quality and durable. There are a lot of options in the Carron status bath range. You just have to check out what fits your needs best.

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