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White Kitchen – It’s a class thing!

White kitchens have a funny way of indicating what type of person you are.  Looking at this image most people will initially think that this space is beautiful, portraying an iconic lifestyle that is closer to the runways of Milan than the houses “normal“ people live in!  Some people will run with this initial thought without any further need to question it, with a quiet aspiration driving their ambitions to own a kitchen like this.  Others however will then begin to think of reasons not to like it; with property resale, upkeep and lifestyle being cited as reasons not to buy….oh yea and possibly price.
The Mogul feels that these simple observations into the physiological processes of the kitchen buyer indicate that kitchen design is a fashionable statement of class and social status!  Maybe this is one of the reasons why contemporary kitchen design is not available to everyone…only those who can afford it! 
However, clever design and use of materials can make this type of kitchen affordable, you just need to hire a good kitchen designer!